November 23, 2012

Our Last Post At Women's Collaborative Circle - Thank You!

Dear Women's Collaborative Circle community,

After 4 years of blogging and connecting with you as the Women's Collaborative Circle (WCC), I am excited to share with you that our community we have moved.  

The WCC has evolved and is now Woman Centered!  While we will no longer be blogging on this site, this blog will remain intact for its rich archives and resources.  Please feel free to continue reading the history of posts and make sure to visit our new site at!

October 22, 2012

Giving birth to (business) twins! EXCITING NEWS! READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Dear WCC Community,

So, I have REALLY EXCITING news to share with you! 

The Women's Collaborative Circle is growing by LEAPS and BOUNDS! So much so that the WCC (as a brand, business, and organization) has bursted into two!  Well, not quite bursted, but has gone through a strategically planned rebranding and development to bring you TWO new business to best serve your needs ;) 
First, let me say that your dedication and commitment to the development of the WCC has meant the world to me!  Because of your support and generosity, I have been able to connect, work with, and serve women locally and globally. Because of your time and energy, I have been able to further grow the vision of the WCC and introduce you to the next level of women's self-care, empowerment, and social change.  
I am thrilled to announce the soon-to-be launch of Woman Centered - a personal development and social action organization.  Woman Centered empowers forward thinking women to actively effect change within themselves and in the world around them.  Woman Centered will be offering 1:1 mentoring services, special events, programs, resources, and SO MUCH MORE! YAY! The site is set to launch in another few weeks, so stay tuned!
I am equally excited to announce the development of my specialized psychotherapy practice for women.  Dr. Carly Goldberg - Therapy for Women. My private practice offers a dedicated space for women to receive in person psychotherapy services to meet the needs of women's psychological development and emotional wellness.  For more information, please visit  

... Wow!  I feel like I just birthed twins! ;) 

As I finish the final touches on both new websites, I want you to know that I am developing this with all of you in mind.  I can not wait for us to further grow as a community and create long lasting change within ourselves, our families, communities, and world around us! 

Please feel free to reach out, let me know your thoughts, feedback, or just say hello! 

With deepest gratitude,

Carly Goldberg, DSW, LCSW

July 29, 2012

July 13, 2012

It's a body-lovin, curvy-licous, YOGA-fest, and YOU are invited!

Oh yeah!  I have been waiting weeks to share this exciting news with you and now is the time!  Curvefest 2012 is coming to Philly!  What is CurveFest you might be wondering?  Good question!  It is a full day of body-loving yoga, workshops, free giveaways, and more brought to you by the one-and-only Curvy Yoga founder Anna Guest-Jelley! See flyer below for more information.

And, of course, you can always contact me with any questions or just to say hello!

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