March 18, 2011

Rally for Women's Health Philadelphia 2011

First I would like to say thank you to the organizers of this rally.  I know many of you are beginning you life’s work as social change agents - your passion and perseverance is already palpable.  To the greater Philadelphia community, our sisters and our brothers from all walks of life, each with a unique story; I am honored to be standing here today among all of you to share in our collective experience.

My name is Carly Goldberg.  I am a social worker, mother, wife, daughter, friend, women’s rights activist, and feminist.  In all of my roles I work hard to make sure that everyone, without exception, has access to information to make the best decision about his or her own health.  I am here today to encourage you and remind myself as well, that we have a voice and our voice matters! With one another, our voice can be strong and loud and I encourage you always to speak your mind and make your voice heard!  

Now, despite my very busy schedule I have to admit, I have a vice that I don’t readily speak of, that is my addiction to reality TV.  One show that I am particularly fond of is the Rachel Zoe project.  I have no good reason to be invested in this show, I am not a fashionista nor do I really care about celebrities.  But there is something about watching the main character scurry around during “award-season” trying to find the perfect outfit to mark the occasion.  I sometimes wonder, why can’t Ms. Zoe start her work, getting ideas for a look earlier in the season.  Why is it just a once-a-year deal?  Well, I sort of feel the same way about March.  March,  which is women’s history month, is jam packed with women-centered awareness activities.  March includes international women’s day, and women’s HIV/AIDS awareness day, not to mention March is social work awareness month. Though I enjoy the flurry of activity, as I do when watching the Rachel Zoe project, I not-so-secretly wish that this level of intensity, the care put into raising awareness, education and action took place all throughout the year! Though I am excited to be here with you today, I hope this is not the last time until next March that I see your soggy, yet dazzling faces again! 
So I leave you with this, my top ten reasons why we should care about women’s health all year long!
  1. Because our bodies should never be a battle ground for politicians! 
  2. Because women must be able to access health care without fear of violence, harassment, or intimidation. 
  3. Because young people must be able to get accurate information about their bodies and health and how to protect it.
  4. Because women, men, and teens must able to make their own decisions about their health and their futures without government intrusion.
  5. Because hangers, throwing ourselves down stairs and herbal concoctions should stay in our past.
  6. Because HIV, STDs and cancer are not just a women’s reproductive heath problem.
  7. Because our sisters of color are already silenced, let’s not make them invisible.
  8. Because healthcare is basic human right not a privilege - regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation.
  9. Because our children matter.
  10. Because your voice and your story matters - silence kills!
Thank you!

March 08, 2011

Rally for Women's Health 2011 - Philadelphia

Rally for Women's Health 2011
On March 16th, 2011 a rally will take place at City Hall in Philadelphia.
It will be an opportunity for any and all individuals to come out and stand up for honesty and transparency in law making and state and federal funding around women's health.
The health and future of women and children has been threatened. The poor, non-white, elderly and parenting women in our city, state, and country face systemic attacks that could leave them with little to no support, and women’s health affects everyone.
Empower the women of Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Bring light to issues kept too long in the dark. Redistribute power to the people through education and support.
We’re not asking for much, but to change this little piece of our world...
And with music, passion and awareness – anything is possible. 
For more information contact