May 01, 2009

Shake What Your Mamma Gave You!

Your entrepenurial skills that is. Becky and Ashley of The Cutest Blog on the Block are just one example of thousands of women who are embracing all elements of their lives and integrating them into a thriving business! The Cutest Blog on the Block marries the skills of educated women with the creativity of artists and the ingenuity of mothers. Becky and Ashley's services offer professional and lay bloggers as well as small businesses owners an affordable and personal opportunity to spiff up their sites with easier navigation and personal flare.

The WCC is giving TCBOTB a nod because it is an opportunity to reflect on thinking outside the box - to make the most of your life, balancing work and home and loving every moment!

Check out their site! We at the WCC thank them very much for their undeniable patience and creativity in spiffing up and helping us to organize our site!