August 29, 2011

A WCC Event - Sponsored by MAC Cosmetics and Nordstrom!

WHO: M.A.C Cosmetics and the Women's Collaborative Circle.

WHAT: A FREE 2 hour workshop! Come out to relax, have fun, play and receive a free makeover! Learn and share how to bring out your inner and outer confidence, power, beauty and sassiness.

WHEN: Thursday, September 22, 2011. Arrive at 6:00pm for socializing, food and raffle prizes courtesy of Nordstrom!

Workshop will be from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

WHERE: Nordstrom at the King of Prussia Mall - 190 North Gulph Road, King of Prussia, PA19406.

WHY: Because we love you!

*** Please RSVP to by September 19th.  
Space is limited to 15 women, so act fast! ***


My mother's vanity. Photo by Yael Glick.
My mother, Jane, died a year ago this past August.  With the many wonderful memories, great sadness and life lessons she left with me, she also left her deluge of empty M.A.C cosmetic containers.

She used to tell me that she came out of her mother's womb wearing a full face of makeup!  I never doubted this. One part artistic expression, one part profession, but mostly a way to "show face" even in the midst of grave illness, my mother loved her makeup.  Rarely would a day would go by that I did not see her artistically and with verve put on her makeup and get dressed to perfection.  Rarely would a day go by when I would see her and she wouldn't comment, "Don't you want to just put on a little more lipstick?"  The answer for me was almost always a resounding, NO! While I did and do wear makeup, it is not at all in the same spirit as my mother.
My mother reaped much joy from spending hours at the M.A.C counter at Nordstrom, often buying something that I deemed she didn't need. What she needed more, however, was what went with the purchase: striking up a conversation with another customer, listening to her life story and telling her that there isn't anything a great new lipstick couldn't fix! These impromptu M.A.C-counter-therapy-sessions were just what Jane ordered.

So, here I am last week with several bulging bags of half-used and empty M.A.C containers.  I know that M.A.C has a recycling program - bring back six empty containers and get a free lipstick.  What was I going to do with twenty new lipsticks?! I mean I got one (Lady Bug - a tomato red) but more than one would take a lifetime to wear.  So, in the spirit of my mother I spontaneously gave away her empty containers and gave nearly 20 women (mostly mothers and daughters this past Sunday) all new lipsticks! It was bittersweet but mostly sweet.  

This impromptu act caught the attention of the makeup artists at the M.A.C counter that morning and in the spirit of paying it forward, they offered to give me and a group of women free, private makeovers!  I was touched and wanted to take things one step further.  I thought, what better way to share in the spirit of giving than to offer the WCC community a FUN and EXCITING night out! 

Don't miss out on this fantastic event! 

RSVP by 9/19 to reserve your spot to 

{While this is a free event, donations would be greatly appreciated! The WCC thanks you for your support!}

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  1. What an awesome thing for you to do and so in line with the spirit of your mother that you shared with us. Your mother is smiling down from heaven.


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