December 03, 2008

Circle Sessions

I hope this is the first of many circle sessions that we have together.

A circle session is a space for us to discuss any topic of our liking without feeling embarrassed, stupid, uneducated, dirty, or wrong. It is a time to get personal and bring your "stuff" to our table. See who else shares in your journey. At this time we are looking for people to contact us with suggestions for topics that you would like to be discussed. There is no topic that is off limits. We only ask that the exchange be respectful and mindful of other people's life experience.

Topic examples: struggles of finding a new job, living with panic disorder, moving to a new community, pregnancy, questioning gender identification, general stress, self-injurious behaviors, relationship issues, pregnancy loss, life transitions, death and dying, body image, mothers/fathers, breast cancer, spirituality, dating, peer-pressure, marriage and unions, women in the workplace, depression, experiences of rape, abortion, substance use, safer-sex, living with a chronic illness, HIV, etc... The topics are endless. Please share with us your thoughts and needs!

Email us at with a topic you would like further information about and to discuss. All requests for circle sessions will remain anonymous and confidential.

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