April 22, 2009

And by Green We Also Mean...

being green "down there!" Happy earth day 2009!

To continue the discussion of women's empowerment through knowledge of our body, in particular our genitalia, sexuality, identity and politics; I thought I would add to the conversation by sharing this wonderful blog post from Kris Carr's FABULOUS website/blog Crazy, Sexy, Life.

Heather O'Neil editor-in-chief of Eco to the People, wrote a very detailed post (which is linked here and I urge you to read) about the ways in which we women can consider taking a look at not only the foods we eat, make-up we wear, cars we drive, or lightbulbs we use that impact our mamma-earth, but female-specific products as well. Examining the products we use for our daily (and monthly) female self-care, sheds light on not only our health but global environment as well.

Ms. O'Neil runs down a list of 7 products that will make your vulva eco-friendly and save the earth! One of our favorite products are Luna Pads (re-usable menstrual pads) and we love their blog too! Now, you may be thinking "forget it, I am not even reading any further!" Well, just hang on and hear us out as to why we think a simple idea of re-usable menstrual pads have a lot to teach us about our bodies and our world.

As women living in a developed society, we have been conditioned to understand our periods as something that is gross, dirty and disposable. Well, maybe we should reconsider that notion. Our periods are something to be celebrated! Check out this great new book My Little Red Book edited by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff and accompanying website FILLED with great resources!

Also consider this - girls in Africa when menstruating are often forced to stay at home and miss valuable time at school because they do not have an effective way to manage their periods. Well, programs such as Pads4Girls and Protecting Our Future (although this creates waste and environmental problems) is working for and within the community to create change. For more information about other organizations participating in the same mission such as Pads4Girls, please check out Luna Pads website.

Always Tampax - Protecting Futures

Happy Earth Day Mamma!

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