April 29, 2009

Women Funding Women

Beverly Guy-Sheptall, founding director of the Women's Research and Resource Center of Spellman College, states in the Winter 2009 edition of Ms. Magazine, "Don't forget the poor." She argues that "the most urgent problem facing women and girls here and around the globe is poverty and its dire consequences: poor health, dying young, illiteracy, violence, HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, dependency, bleak futures. Women continue to be unsafe in their homes, their work-places, refuge camps and in war-torn spots around the world. Their families, not just middle-class families, need the president's ear" (pg. 37).

It is no secret that when women are provided with sufficient resources, entire communities are not only taken care of but thrive. As Ms. Magazine set out to accomplish with its special inagural issue article, "Visions for Change," women have the power to change the world. A crucial aspect of this change is ensuring that donations and contributions intended for women's causes and development actually reach the intended group. Malaika Durban of World Pulse magazine states, “The majority of women’s groups worldwide are so small they are often not on most funders’ radars.” She also writes that "[i]t’s a tragic paradox. Experts agree that the most effective way to solve global problems is to invest in women, but social initiatives that focus on women actually receive less than 7% of all philanthropic funding worldwide." Check out this article, "10 Ways to Give to Women and Girls," to get detailed information and education on ways to give to better the lives of women and girls around the world. You can also visit organizations online such as Women's Funding Network and Kiva Micro Loans for more information.

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