August 17, 2009

Have You Felt Your Boobies Today?

When is the last time you felt your boobies?

Go ahead. Do it. Touch 'em.

The "Are you doing it?" annual campaign, is a simple reminder using unexpected and unconventional reminders - targeting women under 40 who are less likely to be concerned about breast cancer and breast health - to feel our boobies.

What exactly does unexpected mean? Well, it means you probably won’t see a “feel your boobies” brochure at the doctor’s office…but you sure as heck might pass the Boobies Bus® on the freeway, or you might be laying at the beach and see an airplane towing a banner with our logo or maybe a sticker on a light post and if you’re on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen our flair or badges floating around.

"Feel Your Boobies" may seem simply like a fun and provocative slogan, but it's really our way of asking “Are You Doing It?”® – well….are you?

For more information about the campaign, resources and founder/president/survivor, Leigh Hurst visit:

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