October 09, 2009

Succulent Wild Women Unite

We are ALL succulent wild women. We may not know it yet, or always feel it, but we are. Sometimes it takes a creative spirit or two and an open mind to launch ourselves into unknown territory and really get to know our wonderful succulent selves.
SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is the best-selling author and artist of 14 books, and creator of hundreds of products. She is the founder of Planet SARK, her company that creates products and services to inspire people to think and live more creatively. She is an acclaimed speaker and teacher, and is featured in the PBS series, "Women of Wisdom and Power." Visit SARK at www.planetsark.com or call her "Inspiration Phone Line" at 415-546-3742.
Please check out her "Meet Sark" video here to learn more about SARK.
SARK recently gave an interview about her work for the Crazy Sexy Life community. Click here for this inspiring interview.

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