December 20, 2009

Speaking Her Voice: Q & A - Melissa Kushner

What really goes on in a woman's mind?  

As part of the WCC's mission, we hope through narrative and various forms of media to draw on women's connections with one another; creating a greater understanding, compassion and utility within our relationships to build stronger selves and communities.  

Melissa Kushner, Executive Director and Founder of Goods for Good, took time out of her very busy schedule to answer our questions.  Thank you Melissa for your generous contribution!

WCC - What have you learned about yourself in the past year?

MK - I feel like I learn something new everyday whether it is in my job or at home with my husband. Life is so fast and there are so many things coming at you at once I continue to learn and struggle with how to juggle everything, but I am starting to realize that this is life.

WCC - What do you see when you look in the mirror?

MK - It all depends. M-F I would say a WOMAN. Sat-Sun I would say a tired little girl (does that make any sense?)

WCC - What defines you as a woman?

MK - This does not define me as a woman but as a person...I work among and within many different worlds that require quite a bit of navigating. Whether it is in a rural village in Africa, living in the West Village in Manhattan, fundraising among powerful business people, working hands on with orphans...I am always amazed that I am able to adapt...I think this is a very interesting human characteristic and capability.

WCC - What motivates you to get up in the morning?

MK - The hope that in some small way I am making the world a better place for the millions of orphans and vulnerable children that have no one to fend for them.

WCC -  If you could share any piece of wisdom with a woman or girl of a younger generation, what would it be?

MK - You can do it all, but get ready its tough out there!

(Media printed with permission by Melissa Kushner.  All rights reserved.)

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