February 26, 2010

Girl 2 Woman - 200 Thousand for 200 Million!

     As 2010 International Women’s Day approaches with the theme, ‘Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity’ Pathfinder International believes a crucial aspect of improving women’s lives is missing in the current dialogue: reproductive health. An astounding 200 million women around the world want, but lack access to contraceptives.
     Pathfinder wants to ensure every woman can exercise that right. That is why Pathfinder is launching a unique challenge in the week leading up to International Women’s Day 2010: 200 Thousand for 200 Million. On Pathfinder’s microsite, Girl2Woman.org, are six videos showcasing the importance of reproductive health care throughout life. Every time a video is shared through Girl2Woman.org, a generous donor is giving $1 to improve reproductive health services around the world. The goal is to achieve 200,000 shares of the videos by International Women’s Day so that we can reach the more than 200 million women in need.


  1. Thanks for posting! We're really excited about this initiative! Hope everyone will take action and share!

  2. I agree! Thank you for contacting us and sharing your work! Pass it along folks...


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