February 12, 2010

This Valentine's Day...

Give the gift of V-Day!

Think of this Valentine's day as a day of love for yourself and women and girls around the world.  Take a moment to stop by vday.org and send a e-card with a donation in a loved one's honor and support the worldwide movement to end violence against women and girls.  You can also visit vday's website and donate a the gift from the City of Joy registry to aid in the repair and healing of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In addition to the sweet-smelling flowers and chocolate goodies, you may also want to consider putting the V in Valentine's day to work and volunteer in your community.  Come on folks, show a little love to your  neighbors! 

Or visit SASSY GOURMET's Valentine's Day Specials! A last minute gift can still be sweet!
Heart-shaped items for yours truly. The perfect sweet treat. Available in: Molasses Maple Cookies, Rosemary Biscuits, Almond Jam Dot, and Brownie Bites! Gift Wrapping is available.

Visit SASSY GOURMET Bakery! 

 Let us know in what creative, infinite love-spreading ways you spent your V-day!

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