September 13, 2010

A Response from Sesame Place

Dear Ms. Goldberg,

I am writing in response to your recent comments. I am truly sorry that you and
your family had an unpleasant experience at Sesame Place. It is our intention
to create a fun, safe environment for the entire family. I am concerned that we
failed to meet our objectives on the day of your visit.

We currently have two locations that mothers can visit to nurse: the location in
the park that you were at, and also our First Aid station located next to the
Sesame Café. The location in the park is kept locked due to an overwhelming
response from guests in years past reporting that other guests were using the
area to change and not to nurse. As a result, we decided to keep the area
locked and install an intercom. Typically, it takes a supervisor no more than 2
minutes to respond when called to unlock the nursing mothers station. Based on
your feedback, we will be auditing the supervisors to clock their response time
so that we may be at full service all the time.

We value feedback such as yours and I would like to thank you for notifying us
with your concerns. I hope your family visits Sesame Place again soon.

Sarah Spencer
Manager of Guest Correspondence
Sesame Place
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

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