March 08, 2011

Rally for Women's Health 2011 - Philadelphia

Rally for Women's Health 2011
On March 16th, 2011 a rally will take place at City Hall in Philadelphia.
It will be an opportunity for any and all individuals to come out and stand up for honesty and transparency in law making and state and federal funding around women's health.
The health and future of women and children has been threatened. The poor, non-white, elderly and parenting women in our city, state, and country face systemic attacks that could leave them with little to no support, and women’s health affects everyone.
Empower the women of Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Bring light to issues kept too long in the dark. Redistribute power to the people through education and support.
We’re not asking for much, but to change this little piece of our world...
And with music, passion and awareness – anything is possible. 
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