December 02, 2011

La Puerta Abierta - The Open Door: Support Their Campaign!

Dear friends,

Please check out the link below to learn about our most recent effort to raise much-needed funds for ICFamWell's local initiative- La Puerta Abierta/The Open Door.   Time is running out-- please consider your support!

We have been training local, bilingual practitioners to provide pro-bono individual and family counseling services for the Latino immigrant community of the Delaware Valley, particularly those facing language, legal and economic barriers to service. Most recently, we launched a Youth Mentorship Initiative that provides therapeutic support to younger, undocumented youth who do not have access to services elsewhere, because of their status. All training and services are free, as we are an entirely volunteer-driven organization.

For more information visit our Indiegogo campaign page HERE!
Please consider your support- in any amount. All donations are appreciated  and bring us closer to our goal!. Even if you can't make a financial contribution, please spread the word to your friends and family. If you have a facebook account, please post and "like" us on facebook,and/or post a comment on our Indiegogo site.  It all counts!! 

Thank you so much for your consideration.
La Puerta Abierta

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