January 22, 2012

Loose Garments: Fighting for the Genuine Voice of Women

With our blog Loose Garments we aspire to promote genuine women’s voices worldwide. We want to celebrate the fact that all women are unique, and allow this diversity to be more public. Some women love boxing or fashion, while others adore cooking or math. There is nothing wrong with this variety and, in fact, it is awesome! We want to celebrate the many complex layers that make up femininity, and rejoice the vast diversity of women.

We also want to empower women worldwide to help others in need. We feel that bringing awareness to women’s rights issues creates a sense of community, and ultimately contributes to progress: women can feel supported by a global network.
We are tired of the promotion of unrealistic and stereotyped portrayals of women, as it promotes mistreatment and violence against us. Gender is a complex and continuous variable, which has been forced into two simplistic dichotomies. Think about how ridiculous that actually is! Not only does the polarization of gender restrict women, it restricts men and members of the LGBT community as well. There are around 3.4 billion women on this earth, and it is unrealistic to expect that across the many personality traits we can all be perfectly divided into 2 basic groups: Man or woman, aggressive or submissive, and gentle or powerful. The reality is that we all vary in our personality traits and preferences. Estrogen isn’t strong enough to change every aspect of our personality.
Social psychology and neuroscience findings actually indicate that most gendered behaviors are learned through positive and negative reinforcement (“what a big, strong boy” and “what a sweet, pretty girl!”) and the Smithsonian recently called biological gender differences one of the biggest myths of the brain. Yet, the majority of women are not being fairly represented in government, in the media, in film or in magazines. We hope that the world can become more honest about the fact that women are complex and equal in worth, and we hope to amplify their many diverse voices.

Thank you to the fabulous feminist bloggers at Loose Garments for sharing your amazing blog with the WCC community! Go check 'em out!

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