January 01, 2008

About Us

The WCC was created as a new model of women’s self care. It is an organization and (future) free-standing center that contributes to the well-being and empowerment of women. It provides women a safe, nurturing, and exciting environment to receive support, exchange information, and through personal and collective empowerment, create change.

The WCC was founded in the spirit of several social and political movements that recognize that women have great strength, inner resources, power, and wisdom to generate growth for themselves and others. The WCC was especially inspired by the feminist consciousness-raising movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s and informed by the holistic needs of women today. The consciousness-raising movement began with the recognition among women that they were disconnected from one another and needed to reconnect and share their common experiences. Through consciousness-raising groups in individuals' living rooms, women began to recognize that they were not alone in their experiences and that what they believed to be “individual” challenges were often shared among the group.

Today many women still hold this belief. Therefore creating a space that is open to women of all ages, races, ethnicities, sexual identities, religions, and social and economic backgrounds is necessary for sharing the journey of womanhood and the process of personal and collective freedom and awakening.

Goals of the WCC
- Create an online space that is for women, by women, and about women--a safe space for women to feel empowered to speak our minds and have our voices heard!
- Make the space a place for women to share what is on our minds, ask questions, and receive information without feeling censored, embarrassed, alone, shameful, uneducated, fearful, wrong, dirty, bad, stupid, or vulnerable.
- Share our thoughts, life experiences, challenges, beliefs, and information to facilitate our own personal growth as well as the growth of other women.
- Raise consciousness and awareness about women’s physical, emotional, sexual, intellectual, and spiritual well being.
- Provide resources to connect women to our selves, each other, and the larger community.
- Create a physical space (a free-standing center) dedicated to supporting women's voices!

About Carly Goldberg MSW, LCSW – Founding Collaborator/Director

Carly Goldberg holds a masters degree in social work from New York University and is currently a doctoral candidate in the DSW program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice. As a licensed clinical social worker, Carly provides individual psychotherapy, group therapy, and workshops in the greater Philadelphia region.

Carly has over ten years’ experience providing long-term, short-term, and crisis-oriented counseling; group therapy; and case management services in diverse, multicultural settings. Throughout her career she has served mental health, psychiatric, drug and alcohol, medical, HIV/AIDS, and end-of-life populations, as well as victims of abuse and survivors of trauma. Her current areas of specialization and interest focus on working with women on preventive self-care, post-partum mood disorders, trauma and abuse, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, parenting concerns, LGBT sexual/gender identity exploration, grief and loss, and life transitions.

Carly practices from an integrative theoretical orientation, offering psychodynamic, feminist, client-centered, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness meditation-based, supportive, and relational therapies.

Carly’s primary clinical interest is in providing psychotherapy to young adult and adult women from an integrative feminist perspective. As a women-centered therapist and social worker, Carly works to ensure women’s voices are heard and supported. Carly is available for consultations, and to offer individual and group psychotherapy, as well as customized workshops.