January 01, 2008

How Do I Get Involved?

Be a Collaborator!

Share your voice and collaborate in the development of the WCC.


Your skills
-The development and organization of the WCC is looking for professional and volunteer women to offer ideas for services and programming to our online and local community.
-Are you a dance therapist, musician, artist, social worker, psychologist, stay-at-home mom, teacher, business woman, etc. who is looking to share your ideas for empowering others? Then contact us! info@womenscollaborativecircle.org

Your creativity and passion
-The development of the WCC is dependent on your voice! Tell us what you are looking to learn about yourself and how can we help your growth.
-We are looking for people to suggest topics and infromation to be published and shared on the blog and in our community.

Advisory board
-An advisory board has been formed.  We are always looking for new members interested in participating in various committeesto facilitate the development of the WCC.
-We are looking for individuals passionate about the empowerment and education of women and girls and would love to have your voice heard.

-Donations are always welcome! At this time donations will help with start-up costs for the organization such as marketing, cost of renting office/group/workshop space, materials needed for workshops, etc.
-At this time the WCC does not have its non-profit status. Donations are not tax-exempt, however all donations go into the operating costs for services and programming.

Keep coming back for updates and information!

{Artwork by Paula Cox; please click on pictures for more information http://www.paulacoxart.com/.}

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