April 04, 2010

ColorLines Reports - The Violence Of A Recession

ColorLines, a national newsmagazine on race and politics recently reported on the interpersonal and intrapsychic consequences of unemployment.  Daisy Hernandez reports in her article The Violence of a Recession, that along with our economic crisis comes the increase of biological, psychological and social burdens and in particular abuse in relationships. 

As a social worker, feminist and activist for women's rights and health, I believe it is crucial that those of us who work directly with women not ignore the external, global, social and political occurrences that effect our physcial, emotional and spiritual health. Better yet, I believe it is of utmost importance to integrate and contextualize our current events into our professional practice for those of us who work in a social service or psychological profession, as well as to raise-awareness on the effects of globalization in our daily lives.  Even within the profession of social work, we tend to dichotomize our own practice areas such as casework, psychotherapy, policy, research, education and administration to name a few. I propose that especially for women of color who face multiple oppressions that are unique to the intersection of race and gender, using a lens such as black feminist thought and critical race feminism that addresses gender, race, socio-economic status and feminist jurisprudence in light of globalization.  It is my hope that this perspective may begin to allow for a more salient dialogue on all women's multiple realities.  

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